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Marcelo Cervone
✅ Verified Review

"Ever since joining I’ve had a boost in my sales on Bandcamp, I’ve had a boost in my subscribers on YouTube and my followers on Instagram, but most importantly I’ve had a boost in the response to my music. One of the key things that Ryan at the Indie Music Academy keeps driving home is that you need to share your music through storytelling… and now I’ve been spending a lot more proactive time instead of wasting my time… I really recommend it!"
Malik Charles
✅ Verified Review

"It’s such an oversaturated market today that so many underground artists are struggling to get heard and honestly I was one of those artists. But thanks to Ryan and the Indie Music Academy, thousands of people around the world were able to listen and love my music like I thought that they should, and that would have never happened without the resources at this academy. So if you have any doubt in your mind about whether or not this is the right choice for you…it is."
Roger Paul Peterson
✅ Verified Review

"Ryan is a brilliant songwriter, musician, and music production guru. Ryan also runs the Indie Music Academy where he has trained thousands of independent musicians (including me) on collecting from the complex network of music industry royalties, setting up a performing rights organization, thinking through the fan journey, and a host of other present-day music industry imperatives. Ryan has been instrumental (is that a pun?) in helping develop my ecosphere of websites, social media, and all the behind-the-scenes technologies needed for music promotion, communication, and effectiveness. Even in the midst of Ryan and his wife re-locating from San Diego, California, to Nashville, Tennessee, Ryan made himself available to help me with a crucial promotional challenge, to assure my successful release."

365 Day Content Calendar for Musicians

Here's what you'll be getting:

☑️ 365 Content Prompts that can be used year after year to spark original content surrounding your music

☑️ BONUS: My Fill-In-The-Blank Content Calendar Template to plan out your entire year of posts

☑️ BONUS: A 5-lesson Mini-Course called "How To Structure The Ideal Post"

☑️ BONUS: My H.C.T.T.C.™ Content Structure that Grew My YouTube Channel to 40,000 subscribers without Ads

☑️ Easy, direct to your inbox delivery of the Calendar with lifetime access/updates inside your Indie Music Academy Portal

☑️ Includes a video tutorial of how to use the calendar and turn these almost-finished ideas into completed posts

Perfect for:

Independent Artists

Bands/Musical Groups

Managers & Promoters

DJs & Producers

Independent Record Labels

Studio Owners

Anyone Who Needs To Grow A Music Audience

365 Days of Music Content Ideas Immediately Delivered to You!

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